After visiting Bondolio Olive Oil in the late summer, I was hired to shoot their harvest. The new images will be used on their website, coming soon. I worked with Roberta Klugman, Public Relations Consultant, to help develop a story that began with a sense of place. As I explored their farm and watched their hand-picking process for harvest I realized that Bondolio has a very special story that needs to be shared.

The first thing we photographed was the Bondolio bike statue during sunrise on their first harvest morning. I got lucky with this beautiful sky. The bike statue overlooks the orchards as well as all the cyclists who ride by this beautiful homestead farm in Davis, CA.

Karen showed me the three types of olives that grow in their orchard. They are picked by hand, inspected with care, and milled immediately on-premise with highly controlled processes.

Look at the ownership pride in their orchard.

Check out Karen giving us a thumbs up for one of the best harvests!

Here is Karen’s famous Italian bean soup recipe that I prepared with olio nuovo! Luckily you can find the recipe on her website.

Find their oil on their website as well as in many markets in the US. It is one of my favorite finishing olive oils in my kitchen. Their new EVOO bottle shots are below and include Bondolio, Olio Nuovo, and Mandarin.


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