One of our services includes branded recipe creation. Here is a recent project created for Pomponio Ranch. They are a local meat producer who prides themselves on sustainable ranching and humane treatment of their animals who are pasture raised in the beautiful San Gregorio hills of California.

  • A Sunday All-Day Ball Roast was slow roasted at a low temperature so it remains juicy and evenly roasted. A pan gravy and garlic roasted greens provide tasty fixings to go with it.
  • The Pomponio Ribeye Steak is pan-grilled and topped with fresh herb butter. Grilled red chard is served to the side.
  • San Gregorio Osso Bucco is braised with San Gregorio root vegetables in a rich tomato-laced beef broth with garlic, California wine, and herbs.

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Behind the scenes:

Behind the scenes – custom branded recipe creation

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