You can find my work in the Summer 2020 edition of Edible East Bay. The work is a collaboration with the community minded publisher and editor of Edible East Bay, Cheryle Koehler. Her work to feature local food companies is always steller never mind during the pandemic.

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EEB Summer 2020 Farmers Market Dinner

You will find the photo of all the items that I purchased from the farmer’s market, shot in a beautiful still life that appears above. But there is more. I created a recipe for the entree and dessert and recorded “behind the scenes” videos of the process. PLUS you will find the recipes and photos of the final dishes.

I really love to visit the farmer’s market. I am lucky enough to live very close so I can walk to the market in about 14 minutes. The thing that I love is to meet the people who grow my food as well as to observe how the available food changes each week. Things appear and disappear rapidly. Cherries suddenly go missing and corn appears. Or there are 5 eggplants to choose from. Or you find a lot of great tomatoes that are at their peak. What is coming next? It is always fun to find out!

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