When Sugar Foods, Inc. needed an image library that is GSI compatible, we stepped up to the plate. In this project, the idea was to run a large number of images through various photo stations to show actual packaging according to GSI rules. The images have to adhere to GSI numbering standards with bar codes and image style codes plus they have to show certain angles and features of packaging and products. The size has to be square and the background white plus there is a live clipping path. My background in food service always helps me stay organized and efficient and I like to pass this along to my customers when needed. The turnaround time on 50 SKUs is about a week! My global editing partners keep the work flowing 24 hours a day and on budget.

GSI imaging standards are important for ecommerce. GSI stands for generic system images. They are mobile ready images that show who the brand is, what it is, and how much is there. The actual packaging must be shown. For many companies this means they must take 4-10 images of all of their skus. That is not a small task when you are trying to navigate everyday business operations. Fortunately we came up with a plan to help them get it done fast and on budget.

Not only can clients get GSI images of their skus but after the shoot we can work on lifestyle or beauty images with the products as needed.

Here is one of our favorites with delicious sundried tomatoes.

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