Here is a new project for a stock food agency. I enjoyed this 2-day production in my new dark and white studios. This production was done entirely by me, solo, with just 2 hand models. That feels normal to me but my photographer friend asked how did you do all of that never mind so many sets and photos in just 2 days?

So I thought my readers might want to know!

My training as a chef and pastry chef as well brought me the ability to map out my “mis en place” or everything in its place to keep things rolling along with great creation! There is not really one lesson, school, or book that can teach you how to create and produce food professionally but after getting an education at the CIA and Europe combined with decades of 80-100 hour work weeks for many great events sure did the trick.

I remember serving over 800 guests in a barn owned by the Wrigley family where we created a Boots and Ballet evening from Arabian horses and ballerinas. Or figuring out what to make “right now” as amenities for all the baseball team owners. Or what to make a governor for his inauguration cake. Or how to make a big cake to feed 200 for a company that makes fishing lures. I airbrushed a huge cake that looked like a trout! Or what to show the hot-tempered executive chef each night as the pastry special for his beloved fine dining restaurant.

The props, surfaces, and sets came from my personally curated studio library. My studio is ready to go for remote shoots and for outdoor productions.

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