Here is a project created for Amparo Calderon, Marketing Director, Swander Pace Capital for their newly acquired brand, Mighty Spark. Mighty Spark is a natural protein with a give-back commitment for sustainability.

For this project we wanted to show the culinary versatility with ease of preparation. Since their ground meat product comes already seasoned it is easy to make great burgers. We chose spaghetti bolognese, Thai meatballs, and a jalapeno burger, all laid out in a mouthwatering array on a cream farm table. The chicken jerky strips are featured with some of their tasty seasonings.

Amparo and I have developed a great way to work together. She describes her vision and we search for just the right inspiration while studying brand colors and messages. I develop a mood board and we work back and forth until we have just what she wants. When it is time to shoot I use our creative brief and send a few options. With just a few tweaks we have great creations that tell the story about the brand, their excellent work as a private equity company and CPG company builder, and the food or product.

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