My studio was honored to feature a Noosa yogurt photo production to create lifestyle, pack, and stop motion images. The art director designed really playful and creative designs for multiple media channels.

During the week of the production, we experienced some of the thickest smoke from the wildfires that anyone has ever seen. Noon looked like the night time one day! But that did not stop us.

Smokey day from the wildfires

We focused on making so many wonderful images from kids’ plates to outdoor brunches to work-from-home sets. Our producer and his team ensured we stayed COVID-19 safe.

The yogurt was so delicious! Follow Noosa to see the stop motion images as they release them! Or check out the new Greek yogurt pack shots that we created. Or better yet, pick up a new smoothie! It is enjoyable to work with such a high quality product that has great values.

Check out a few favorites!

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