It is a pleasure once again to collaborate with Cheryl Koehler for Edible East Bay Magazine. Cheryl is dedicated to the growth of the local food community in the East Bay in the San Francisco Bay Area. For my readers not familiar with the Bay Area, this geographical area encompasses the vibrant Oakland and Berkeley communities as well as going west to the wine areas of Pleasanton and Livermore that are all east of San Francisco on the other side of the bay.

Cheryl selected my veggie burger explosion for the front cover! Along with a nice bio and BTS image of me.

We also had a few more projects for this appealing summer issue. My first assignment was Pizza Palooza. When we decided on the pizza we wanted to feature the delicious produce of summer. And we wanted to appease a diverse taste palate. So we chose vegan, meat, and veggie pizzas! Check out the link to get all the recipes and see the story.

The images tell the story:

I also created a few more recipes for her including a Chez Panisse summer salad, Russian veggie wheels, and a curry dish. The Chez Panisse recipe uses a French red wine vinegar that makes the dish. The black lentils, summer squash, and fig-leaf-wrapped ricotta that is baked in the oven is out of this world. CP is one of my favorite restaurants so this was a huge honor to make this dish.

Don’t miss the Summer 2021 issue – check it out here.

Our plant burger was featured on the cover.

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