Check out the new stop motion animation video for Emerald Sky Edibles. My goal was to highlight their cookie box package that has a real drawer along with the delicious style for their new edible chocolate cream cookies. The challenge was to show both very well because the boxes are big and the cookies are chocolatey and smaller in size. So I came up with the idea to tell a little story with motion.

All of a sudden the cookies were sneaking out of their drawer, taking off their wrappers, running by the packages, making a community ladder, and then diving into the glass of milk. It was super fun. The featured image shows the set tests and decisions for art direction. The best idea was to use the colors of the cookies themselves in the background and tabletop with a farm-to-table type of feel. I always enjoy working with the Vice President, Jon Schaffer because his marketing intuition is second to none.

Does the escape remind you of summer camp or your childhood? Or maybe it will take you to the refrigerator so you can forget your worries and dunk your cookies now? We hope you enjoy it! They are using this video on cannabis tv, their social channels, and closed-circuit viewing. There is also another quick clip for Emerald Skies Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups that was done for a High Times Magazine contest.

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